Waiting in the Grave for Sonday to Come

Today is Holy Saturday, the time for the church to pray while waiting for Resurrection morning. The dawn will break and give way to new life, but in the meantime – we wait.

It’s cold and dark. We are immersed in our humanity, intimately aware of all the entanglements that beset us on every side: doubt, unbelief, addictions, broken relationships and so on. Much of our sin is the result of our acting-out like little children. Our daddy holds us on his big, cozy lap and we fuss and squirm as though we don’t want to be held. And we have no idea why.

We have such difficulty accepting that we are accepted. This is compounded by flies in the ointment of our religious traditions. In short, the church doesn’t understand the Gospel. It continues to preach a bloodthirsty, angry god of human imagination rooted in the ancient world. Christ came to close the door on that god altogether, but we have maintained that god in the very name of the one who came to clear up the misunderstandings. God is perfect, unconditional, limitless and endless love. That God has no need for sacrifice in order to forgive, for that God never held any unforgiveness in His heart to begin with. We are safe with this God and free to be human and deal with our demons in a grace that we cannot find while believing in a bloodthirsty angry god who loves us, but does it begrudgingly.

It is time for the Body of Christ to move beyond all that conflicts with how Christ represents the Father; to let go of our fear-based understandings of God, for only then can we make room for Love, for Christ, for our true selves – for Resurrection.

We are not like those who have no hope. We have a Savior who came, rose and conquered the grave, so let’s let go of religious bondage and simply accept that we are free in Christ.

It’s cold in here; in this place of waiting, but we know Sonday is on the way. Happy Easter!


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