How love answers every problem

There is one single – but complex and complicated – answer to every issue, dilemma and problem. The answer is love.

We know what law is, but do we understand grace? Grace, the unmerited favor of the divine presence, is the unconditional and limitless love of God (agape) known in and by Christ Jesus, our Lord. So, in God, grace and love are synonymous terms.

When we’re young, we must start with law and, as we mature, we learn to fit grace in where we can – wherever law allows. The issue is law, by nature crowds out grace. It doesn’t leave much room for it.

If we are to go on to deeper life – the life of the Kingdom – we must become mature enough to faithfully flip the dynamics needed to get us through the immature stages. We need law like we need training wheels, but at some point, law stunts our growth.

We begin by starting with law and fitting grace in where we can, but let’s see how we might start with grace and fit law in where we must.

Collectively, if we have the maturity to handle that, we will also have the maturity and the internal locus of control to improve the world we live in by expanding our own ability to receive and give the unconditional and limitless love of God.


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