God’s blessing is on the Holy Rosary

After ten years of shuffling my feet, stepping forward and talking to a priest, catechist or going to a few RCIA classes only to retreat, I officially entered the Catholic Church on All Saints Day 2015. My best friend joined me for that weekend, which included a pilgrimage to a Catholic shrine dedicated to Our Lady.

My friend bought me a rosary from the gift shop and I prayed it through for the first time as we sat on a swing staring at a 208-feet-tall cross that’s on the grounds near the shrine. I’ve been praying a daily Rosary ever since and it has changed my prayer life, which in turn, has changed my spiritual life altogether. Here’s how it started:

I was apprehensive at first because the words of the Hail Mary aren’t a prayer to God. However, from the first time I prayed it, focusing on that huge cross standing tall over the treetops made it very clear to me that the Holy Rosary is not a prayer to Mary or a devotion to her – it’s a devotion to Christ through Mary and including Mary.

As soon as I began praying the Rosary every day, my prayer life took off like a subtle rocket and I started hearing from God in prayer. I quickly began to see an entwining between my devotion to Christ and his own devotion to His mother, with my growing devotion to Mary as my spiritual mother and my own devotion to my mom, as well as the other special woman in my life. Praying the Rosary caused an increase in how I honor them in the depths of my heart. Therefore, praying the Rosary struck me as an act of chivalry; of spiritual warfare and I began to see Mary as the heavy artillery of intercessory prayer.

So, I had to have a manly rosary. I started looking around the Internet and found sheenrosaries.com.


The Catholic Gentleman Rosary features a sizable two-inches-large St. Benedict Crucifix made of stainless steel. It’s rounded edges and back makes it nice enough to wear around one’s neck – it isn’t junk – and the dark grey gunmetal beads are strung onto a black micro paracord with a tinsel strength of about 75 pounds.  The cord is looped through the crucifix and it’s also looped through the St. Benedict Medal that connects the two sections of the rosary with a Miraculous Medal added.

This rosary is tough, manly and classy at the same time – I love it! God has continued to move in my life since November and I’ve seen changes in my heart take place through the course of watching my prayer intentions grow. As I ponder the mysteries, re-calibrating my heart, mind and soul every day, I have heard from God as I gain insight to spiritual truth. Good things are happening in my inner world and in my outer world as I draw near to Him and it’s all the direct result of praying the Rosary. It has been monumental and I know the intercession of Our Lady has had everything to do with it.

If you’re a Catholic man, you should be praying the Rosary and any one of those hand-made by Sheen Rosaries will make a great sacramental to anchor your spiritual life. If a Catholic man claims you as his better half, you owe it to yourself and to your relationship with him to get him one of these and encourage him to pray the Rosary, if he doesn’t already. If he does pray it, encourage him to pray it daily. It can absolutely transform your relationship.

Catholic Gentleman Rosary


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