Daily Affirmations

In gratitude lies my blessing.
In the heart of thankfulness is a host of blessings waiting for me to seize. I am a heart filled with gratitude.

My greatest challenges created my resilience.
Challenges have a way of making us aware and teaches us things that we need to learn. I found my resilience in my greatest challenges.

I release the need to control the outcome.
Too much time is spent on controlling a situation’s outcome. I release the need and affirm that all is as it should be and always works in my favor.

I share my happiness with those around me.
I embrace self-love in the form of generosity; projecting life in my field of influence.

I express my co-creative power with my words.
Words are like sweet honey, or venom. I choose my words wisely; they are affirmative, supportive and uplifting.

My body is my vehicle.

With my mind, I embrace my co-creative power, which is expressed with words and manifest through my bodily actions.

I am enough.

Just as I am there is so much value in me. I am more than meets the eye.

I am filled with love and compassion.

Love is the key to heal our world and compassion is her sister. Through right-thought expressed in right-speaking and manifest in right-acting, I am creating a powerful and positive impact on my world.

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